LA CREME ANTI-TEMPS 50ml - time defying cream

LA CREME ANTI-TEMPS 50ml - time defying cream
Product Code: Anti-Ageing
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Price: R2,400

Sleep is a very important element in restoring energy and magnetism levels. At night, time does not stop, but the beneficial waves repair and slow down ageing, regenerating both the nervous system and the psyche.

LA CREME ANTI-TEMPS works to gently and thoroughly regenerate skin by allowing cutaneous cells to rest in view of improved renewal activity. An effective high comfort product to remain young, inhibiting the ageing process and reclaiming a few years in the race against time.

Active ingredient: extracts rich in peptides and amino acids, reparing enzymes from marine sources, active extract from sea fennel rich in vit c and mineral salts, evening primrose oil rich in linoleic acid and vitamin e

How to use: use in conjunction with le concentrate repairer , synchro or cytobi


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