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Q. I have heard so much about Synchro and Immuno. Can you be more specific regarding the Synchro / Immuno combination?

A. Immuno counteracts germs and prevents breakouts due to its immunizing properties. Synchro has natural anti-inflammatory properties that heals the skin. Synchro / Immuno is also used for anti-ageing. Dehydration is one of the major causes of ageing, and Synchro rehydrates the skin. Oily skin can also get dehydrated and therefore we use Synchro / Immuno to prevent wrinkles.

Q. Is Immuno a mask or cream? Should it be rinsed off?

A. Although Immuno states on the jar that it is a mask, very few people use it as such. It is a very good anti-ageing tool, as it restores the immune system, promotes healing and tissue repair. When used as a mask it should be applied, left on for 15 minutes and then rinsed off. If used in combination with Synchro as a cream, mix two parts Synchro with one part Immuno and apply evenly on the skin.

Q. I am a long term user of GERnetic products for both my face and body. However, now that I am pregnant, can I use Lympho and Vasco Artera?

A. Absolutely! Lympho and Vasco Artera is very beneficial to relieve heaviness in the legs and avoid or minimize cellulitis. You can also use Synchro on your breasts and stomach to avoid stretch marks.

Q. Why are GERnetic night creams so essential and how do they differ from GERnetic day creams?

A. Night creams provide the skin with repairing and rejuvenating ingredients which the skin and its cells need to absorb at night when cell turnover takes place while the body is in a state of rest. Day creams however, tend to protect the skin from the elements with a sunscreen shielding the skin from the harsh environment.

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