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“Synchro is truly a miracle cream. We have been using it on my daughters foot. It  has helped to clear the scarring which has now completely disappeared. I have given your contact details to many other people and told them about Synchro Cream. Thank you for your friendliness and kindness. I am sending you some pictures to how you what my little girls’ foot looked like before I started to use your Synchro cream. At that stage we bought the Beeld newspaper and my father showed us your advert. Since then we have started the cream and you can see the difference from the pictures from then until now. Thank you for your excellent cream. It really does work. Thank you for sending the cream so quickly each time. We appreciate it”.

“I must say there was a marked improvement in the scarring.”  

“These products are working, I can see the difference.”

“The Skin Clair Serum is wonderful!  With Synchro my scar has almost disappeared and its lighter!”.   

"A friend used Synchro for a scar, and his scar has disappeared”.  
T. McK

“I achieved such good results for slimming on my stomach with Adipo Gasta”.
M Puteril

“My skin has improved drastically since using GERnetic Synchro, Immuno, Nuclea, Flower Ampoules and Octo”.
Y. Steward

“I have seen a remarkable improvement in my skin with your products (GERnetic) for a woman of 67. My skin is now a blessing”.

My nephew is having great success with Derma, Sebo Ger, Synchro and Immuno for his acne scarring”.
A Heyes

“Since using Synchro my complexion is now clear”.
Ms Letoba

“The Synchro is really working for the blemishes, and the Skin Clair Serum has cleared the blemishes”.
L. Sikakana

“My skin is improving with Synchro and now I can see the results I am really happy”.
W. Fokane

“I can see the difference when using Synchro and Cytobi as my skin is already rehydrated”.
M. Coetzee

“Synchro & Cytobi, really did wonders for my daughter, we should have taken before and after pictures. After 3 weeks there was a visible difference. Even the kelloid vanished.I can really recommend to anyone, now the young madam wants to remain to the products as her skin range”.

Most of the quotes are on the Synchro Cream for scarring and pigmentation, and Skin Clair for pigmentation.We can recommend the Synchro for everyone who had scarring. Its gone completely"  
Ms Abrahams

"Its been 6weeks since my husband burnt his skin, and the scars have completely disappeared.  (Synchro)
Ms A

Using it on burn scar, I'm very satisfied with Synchro.One side of his face is comletely healed up!" 
Miss A. A

"I am telling everyone about it" (Synchro)
Ms Farieda C

"loves this product for my greasy skin" quote. (Marine Cleanser) 
Mr Fernando E

"Synchro seems to have done the job for scarring"!!!!,
Mr F

"Nuclea is helping with hair growth on baldness" 
Mr Dan G

"The synchro is the only cream that helps for my sensitive skin!" 
Ms Vani G

"Whoever sees her skin cant believe how its improved!"  (Synchro)
Mr Nirupa H

'"I feel unhappy not to use the product, because it helped me though a very difficult time with my skin" (Synchro)  
Ms Sonya H

"Eyegel removed fat glands from eye area!"  
Ms M

"Really helping her skin, will send photos"  (Synchro)
Ms Hilary M

"Such a nice cream for my face, my skin is never dry", (Synchro)
Ms Nhlanya C

"Weight as just dropped off.I am at my goal weight"  (Adipo Gasto)
Ms Lindy S

"My skin has improved drastically" (Synchro)
Yolanda S

"The only stuff that is working on the birthmark!"  (Synchro)
Mev E.A van der W

"I have a remarkable skin for a woman of 67, my skin is a blessing" (Synchro)
Ms S vdW

"Nothing else has helped my pigm on my skin, but GERnetic. I will never leave GERnetic!"  (Synchro, Skin Clair Cream and Skin Clair Serum)
Ms Cathy V

"Nephew is having great success for scarring" (Synchro)  
Ms A.H

 "I am telling you it works wonders, everyone is."
Ms G.G

"Skin is improving, now I can see the result why I am happy."
Ms Winnie F

"I can feel the difference already", my skin is rehydrated",  (Synchro)
Ms Maureen C

"I am glowing, it works wonders on my skin"
Ms Eunice M

"Your products DO work. I am able to save face now"
Mr Samuel M

"I must say there has been a marked improvement in my skin in the scarring" 
Ms Diane C

"Those products are working- can see the difference" 
Ms Daisy M

"Dry skin absolutely wonderful for me!"
Sheila K

"The scc serum is wonderful! With Synchro my scar has almost disapp, its lighter" 
Jeanette P

"Made a huge diff in 6weeks, reasy keeps moisture in, I am on oard to recov, the skin is starting to show" 
Ms Kirtida B

"Fantastic real improvement, I definitely want more" 
Mr M

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